Before you pull away with your camping trailer for a well-deserved break use this checklist. You know the old saying, prevention is better than a cure. Camping Trailer Checklist:
  1. Tyre pressure: Check the tyre pressure of your wheels (and do not forget about the spare).
  2. Nuts and bolts: Check nuts and bolts holding the coupler for stretching and/or fatigue.
  3. Spring bracket: Check the 2 nuts holding the spring in place for fatigue and ensure the ny-lock is secure.
  4. Grease run-in brake to ensure smooth operation
  5. Wheel bearings: check for excessive play.
  6. Licence: Check the license date. Ensure you have a valid license.
  7. Battery: Is it charging AND staying charged.
  8. Jockey wheel: Is it operating normally, grease if necessary
  9. Lights: Connect your 4×4 camping trailer and check your brake lights, left and right indicator as well as your hazards. Are they all working? Replace as needed.
This short checklist covers some key items you need to check every time you go camping. Now go, and enjoy your camp! You deserve it!